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An Owner-Controlled Insurance Program, (OCIP) is a type of Wrap-Up program, and is an increasingly popular option that allows coverages for multiple insureds to be bundled together, or "wrapped up" into one consolidated insurance coverage.

The “Owner,” (or Developer, General Contractor, whatever the case may be), purchases it to cover the entire project including all contractors and subcontractors. The Owner then either requires that the contractor lower his bid by deducting the estimated cost for insurance the contractor would normally pay for a job, or the Owner requires them to itemize their bid to show how much of the bid is estimated as insurance costs, which the Owner then deducts from the bid.

Most commonly, OCIP policies focus on General Liability, but they can easily be tailored to cover; Workers’ Compensation, Employers’ Liability and Excess or Umbrella Liability. In addition, an OCIP can include Builder’s Risk, Professional Liability for design professionals, and Environmental Liability insurance coverages.

Advantages of OCIPs
Broader insurance coverage with higher limits
Reduced losses from more effective comprehensive safety and loss control programs
Improved claim handling & loss control
Reduced amount of time obtaining certificates, and proving insurance coverage
Insurance requirements are no longer an problem for contractors bidding on the job
Lower construction costs from the "bulk" savings on insurance

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History of OCIPs
OCIPs have been around for more than 4 decades. Popularly used by city and state governments, they’ve gained in popularity mainly because of a booming economy, with high-tech businesses leading the way. The increase in the number of large cap projects to repair the nation’s aging infrastructure have spurred OCIPs on, as have less stringent insurance regulations and an increasingly competitive construction insurance market.

OCIPs vs. Traditional Policies
Traditionally, an Owner and a contractor draw up a contract with an indemnification clause stating that the contractor shall hold the Owner harmless for any loss arising out of the execution of the contract. This type of indemnification clause usually protects the Owner from any Vicarious Liability and mitigates the Owner’s contributory negligence exposure.

In addition, the project Owner would require that the contractor purchase and maintain adequate insurance with specified minimum limits of liability. Owners require contractors to provide Commercial General Liability, Workers’ Comp and Employers Liability coverages. The Owner typically also requires the contractor name the Owner as an additional insured on the contractor’s liability policies; this ensures the contractor will defend the Owner in the event of a claim.

Administration of your OCIP
A third party administrator along with Contractors 1st Insurance Services, Inc.,will help you set up the program. Included in the program are; contract wording, loss control, the establishment of a safety program and contractor sign-up. Once established, the Owner or General Contractor will take over responsibility for the safety program and loss control. As your OCIP partner, Contractors 1st Insurance Services professionals are easily available to help you with any questions you have.

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